Today’s post is written by Kim Corbett – he has tons of knowledge of amazing place to see in Europe, and since I haven’t gotten to experience a lot of this beautiful continent, a lot of these have been added to my must-see list!

Europe is a tourist’s paradise and it’s very difficult to choose European holiday destinations due to the wide variety of travel destinations that it provides. Venice, Rome, Paris and London are among the most popular travel destinations in Europe, but for a different taste of the continent, consider the following beautiful offbeat destinations of Europe.


This is a city situated in Sicily, Southern Italy. Palermo is an amazing city with many sights, however it’s not very large, thus one can easily see the beautiful sights it has to offer on foot. What’s more, one can also get fresh Sicilian food at very low costs in the city. The honey-colored Cathedral is an amazing Catalan influenced art. The La Martorana church is close to the Quarttro Canti.

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There are several other attractions in this beautiful city but the strangest attraction is the Catacombe dei Cappuccini. This renowned museum houses the catacombs of ex residents of Palermo. The dead bodies are well-looked-after and almost life like, while others are like dressed up skeletons. This famous museum is one of its kind and very interesting.



This is an Irish city and an ideal travel destination if you like to take part in fairs and festivals. Galway city hosts a huge number of fairs and festivals every summer and the environment of the city has a bohemian feel to it. The city has several pubs and lively nightclubs and many museums for those individuals who like to visit museums. Conversely, those who love to enjoy nature’s beauty can choose between the picturesque farming valleys in the East or its beautiful mountains in the west.




Rotterdam is located in the West of Netherlands. Given the fact that Amsterdam is renowned tourist destination, Rotterdam has its amazing attractions as well and is not as jammed with travelers as Amsterdam. The city has a huge number of beautiful cathedrals and churches while some are Romanesque in architecture, some are Gothic. Rotterdam’s port is one of the largest ports in Europe and a harbor trip is something that you must have Rotterdam is very bicycle friendly thus one can tour the entire city on a bicycle and view its several museums as well as monuments.



This city is located in Northern Iceland and it’s very well-known for whale watching trips. You can be certain to watch a whale during your whale watching trip in this beautiful city. Husavik has a rather strange museum, the Icelandic Phallological museum.



This is a Turkish city situated on the southern Aegean shore line. This city is very popular among travelers though it’s not as well-known as Istanbul. Bodrum is very enjoyable during winter and spring seasons. The Bodrum’s castle of Saint Peter is the city’s eminent landmark and one of the most well preserved medieval monuments in the world.

Bodrum’s museum of subaquatic archeology in the city’s castle has an amazing display of subaquatic finds including the celebrated Uluburun shipwreck. The Bodrum amphitheater, Myndos gate, Windmills in Bodrum and the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus are amongst the city’s major sites of attractions. One can at all times enjoy the beautiful beaches, mud baths, and Turkish baths during their visit.

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